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  • How to care for my earrings?

Our earrings are made with all the love we could find. While they are baked to be a lil' flexible, you should NEVER apply inappropriate force on our lovely pieces.

  1. Store in a dry place
  2. Keep your earrings away from prolonged sunlight, extreme cold, or moist as this might affect the strength of the adhesive used
  3. Use a lint or damp cloth to gently wipe dust off
  4. Never use nail polish/varnish on the products
  5. Avoid contact with perfumes, hairspray and chemical products as these will cause discolouration.

In a nutshell, treat it like what you think a delicate handcrafted jewelry should be treated.

  • Can I opt for clip-ons for my Crayon White pieces?

Absolutely! Fret not if you do not have a piercing, do select the option "Clip on" if you would like one specially made for you (or your friends). Please do send us an email right after you made the purchase for this option. 

  • What's next after I've made a purchased?

CONGRATS! We are as excited as you are (we mean it!). Do give us 2-3 days to process your orders. We will drop you an email/SMS with your tracking code depending on which info you've provided.

  • How long does it takes for my orders to arrive?

We will ship out your orders within 3-4 days after your purchase. All orders will be handled by SingPost. Once you have received your tracking number, you will be able to start tracking your shipments.

  • Are the pieces true to colour?

At Crayon White, we envision for the best quality we can provide. Colour tone may vary slightly due to the colour calibration of monitor displays & cameras.

  • Is Polymer Clay Toxic?

Crayon White ensures that only top quality materials are used. The brand of clays we use undergoes intensive toxicological testing by the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI). We encourage you to visit The Art & Creative Materials Institute ( for detailed information about the safety of art materials.


Do drop us a note here if you have any other questions. #LetsCrayonWhite