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Our 4 Core Pillars

Core Pillars

At Crayon White, we aspire to light up your palettes by blending array of colours to reflect your own personality!

We want to do so via our 4 core pillars:

1. Collection

We handcraft fresh ideas into wearable polymer clay earrings that you are proud to wear.

Shop our collections here

2. Customise

There are endless possibilities with polymer clay. Let Crayon White fulfil your creativity from ground up with our custom orders.

Check out our customised creations here

3. Consignment

We work closely with our partners to feature our store exclusive collections. We're not here to just sell. We want to be there to engage with your customers hand-in-hand.

Drop us a note here if you are keen on exploring partnership

4. Creativity 

As a brand, we want to inspire creativity. There's no better way to do that via our dedicated workshops and pop-up engagements. We want you to inject your own creativity and #LetsCrayonWhite

Do contact us here if you are keen on joining our workshop and classes!